The Picture History(cont)


DAYs  19 & 20 Monday 31st January and Tuesday 1st February

Four weeks into the job and the new west wall was nearing completion with the garage lintels and internal steel beam in place. This allowed attention to be turned to re-building the east wall section which had been damaged during the demolitions and increasing the height of the door opening.

Dscf0332.jpg (77304 bytes)

Dscf0339.jpg (62414 bytes)

The Velux windows arrived on site along with a skip for the rubble from the wall re-build.

Dscf0335.jpg (19198 bytes)    Dscf0336.jpg (22140 bytes)


DAYs  21 & 22 Wednesday 2nd February and Thursday 3rd February

Work continues on the walls with the west wall now complete to eaves height.  The roof timbers arrived on site.

Dscf0340.jpg (74913 bytes)


DAY  23 Friday 4th February

The floor joists are put in place for the first floor and the doorway for the kitchen patio doors is constructed in the original wall.

DAYs 24 & 25 Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th February

All of the wall construction is now complete including the infilling of the of door in the north wall.

Davie built his first template for the roof joists and started to make up the remaining joists, each one adjusted to allow for the non parallel wall lines.

DAYs 26-28 Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th February

Delays in the delivery of the "Paralam" beam for slowed progress for the second week in a row,

Davie made templates for roof, placed the ridge piece in and some on the roof trusses on one side ready to locate the beam.

DAY 28.5 Saturday 12th February

The Paralam beam finally arrived on Friday and the three sections were prepared. A bit of Saturday overtime soon had them in place











Now serious roof building can begin.....


DAYs 29 & 30 Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th February

The remaining roof trusses are erected and the cross supports under the paralam bean bolted into place.


DAYs 30 & 31 Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th February

With the majority of the trusses in place the window openings could be formed and then the sarking nailed on.

DAY 32 Friday 18th February

Concentrating on the east side of the roof allowed one side to be almost completed.


DAYs 33 - 37 Monday 21st - Friday 25th February

We needed two more days to get the roof felted... but the weather intervened.

However during the week some very hardy contractors from Kuritol drilled the old walls and injected a chemical dampproof course.



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